Down The Line 2018/17

Fauxdegla Shooting Ground hosted the West Midlands Inter Counties DTL on Sunday 24th June 2018. Excellent weather and good targets made for an enjoyable day’s shooting. Derbyshire were in the medals with both the Ladies team (Julie Havill and Christine Thacker) and the Veterans team (Geoff Smith, Clive Weston and Eric Maskrey) taking Silver and the Seniors (Ian Roper, Keith Ritchie, Will Gent, Simon Taylor, Jason Roberts and Alan Christie) taking Bronze. The Norman Patrick Trophy for Derbyshire High Gun went to Will Gent with a brilliant 100/294, closely followed by Clive Weston on 99/293 and Tom Waring on 98/291. Well done to all Shooters!
Team Scores
Senior 1
Ian Roper 98/288
Keith Ritchie 97/286
Will Gent 100/294
Simon Taylor 97/284
Jason Roberts 99/287
Alan Christie 97/287
Senior 2
Peter Dale 97/282
Geoff Flint 92/272
Tom Waring 98/291
David Thacker 91/267
Vernon Lathwell 98/287
Andy Wragg 96/278
Julie Havill 95/279
Chris Thacker 97/283
Geoff Smith 94/281
Clive Weston 99/293
Eric Maskrey 96/278
Massive thanks to you all for making the trip, your positive attitudes, input and feedback. It is very much appreciated. Oh yes, and the cake!
Hope you all enjoyed the day and hope to see you soon!
Onwards and upwards, Ian Roper.


Derbyshire Down the Line Teams for West Midlands Inter Counties at Fauxdegla 24th June 2018.

Senior 1
I Roper         ee 123542        squad 15      peg 1
K Ritchie      ee 126380        squad 15      peg 2
W Gent        ee 102743        squad 15      peg 3
S Taylor       ee 16753          squad 15      peg 4
J Roberts     ee 118627        squad 15      peg 5
A Christie    ee 129448         squad 16      peg 1

Senior 2
P Dale          ee 107523        squad 16       peg 2
G Flint          ee 86701          squad 16       peg 3
D Thacker    ee 106912        squad 16        peg 4
G Smith        ee 24519         squad 16        peg 5
V Lathwell     ee 108436       squad 17       peg 1
A Wragg       ee 121503        squad 17      peg 2

J Havill         ee 112886        squad 17      peg 3
C Thacker    ee 106913       squad 17       peg 4
J Hanson     ee 121918       squad 17       peg 5

D Hinchliffe   ee 121065      squad 18      peg 1
C Weston     ee 67724         squad 18     peg 2
J Maskrey     ee 85331        squad 18      peg 3

Start Times For All Squads Is 12.40


On Saturday 2nd June Nottingham Sporting Clays hosted the 3rd and final Derbyshire DTL selection shoot. A warm and humid afternoon with a downpour thrown in for good measure saw Ian Roper top the Seniors on 100/298 with Jason Roberts and David Weston both on 98/289. Clive Weston was the leading Veteran with 98/288 followed by David Thacker on 97/285 and Eric Maskrey on 97/282. Julie Havill was top Lady on 95/277 closely followed by Christine Thacker with 95/275. Well done to all.
Thank you to everybody that was able to attend.

Full details of the teams for the West Midlands Inter Counties at Fauxdegla on Sunday 24th June to follow.

Report by Ian Roper DTL Team Manager


The Handicap by Distance County Championship was held at Nottingham & District Gun Club on May 28th. In sunny, warm and sometimes breezy conditions Peter Dale won the County Championship on 94/275, with Geoff Flint on 92/268 and Ian Roper on 91/268 joint runners up followed by James Wood on 88/253. Eric Maskrey was Veterans Champion on 91/264 with David Gregan runner up on 85/244. Ladies Champion was Julie Havill on 85/245. Well done to all Winners.


Peter Dale County Champion, Julie Havill Ladies Champion.


Eric Maskrey Veterans Handicap by Distance Champion


Well done to Down the Line Team Manager Ian Roper on finishing 1st in A class and 5th over all at the Krieghoff Down the Line Championship held at Mid Wales Shooting Ground.


Congratulations to David Weston on Winning Orston Shooting Ground Down the Line Winter Series .


Congratulations to the following Derbyshire Down the Line shooters Ian Roper, Keith Ritchie, David Weston and Dave Hinchliffe who have a qualified for the England Team to shoot in the Home International and European Championships at Mid Wales in July.
Well done to you all.


The 2nd Down the Line Team selection was held at Nottingham & District Gun Club on 29th April. In testing conditions with a variable and rather cool breeze, top Seniors on 286 where Andy Wragg and Ian Roper followed by Will Gent on 279. Dave Hinchliffe topped the Veterans on 283, closely followed by Geoff Smith on 282, with Eric Maskrey and Clive Weston both on 271. Top of the Ladies was Julie Havill on 265 closely followed by Juddie Hanson on 264. Thanks to everybody that managed to make it and well done to you all.

Report by
Ian Roper DTL Team Manager


The first of the Derby v Notts Help 4 Heroes (friendly) shoots was held today 4th March at Nottingham & District Gun Club. The Down the Line leg shot in very foggy and low visibility conditions resulted in a win for Notts 2863/3000 to Derbys 2777/3000. This was also the first Down the Line team selection. Top Senior was Keith Ritchie on 288, followed by Andy Wragg and Ian Roper on 281, Will Gent on 280 and Simon Taylor on 279. In the Veterans Dave Hinchliffe was the top scorer on 292, followed by Clive Weston on 281 and Vernon Lathwell on 258. Top of the Ladies was Chris Thacker on 245.

Thank you to all Derbyshire shooters who shot today in very bad conditions.Well done to all shooters who shot today and hope to see you all on March 18th for the Skeet leg.


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2017 News

Well done to Derbyshire Ladies Down the Line Team of Julie Havill 93/276, Juddie Hanson 94/279 and Chris Thacker 94/277 who finished runners up on 556/600 at the National Inter Counties Down the Line held at North of England on 15th October. The Seniors Team 1 finished 3rd on 1457/1500. Simon Taylor 100/294, David Weston 99/294, Dave Hinchliffe 99/293, Keith Ritchie 98/291, Ian Roper 97/285 and Tom Waring 95/282.

ladies dtlThe Veterans Team finished equal fourth on 576/600. Special mention to Vernon Lathwell who shot 98/284,with a broken foot, great effort Vernon.
After a shoot off for Team High Gun between Simon Taylor on 100/294 and David Weston on 99/294, David triumphed 24/72 to Simon’s 24/71.
Well done everyone.


The Down the Line teams for the National Inter Counties at North of England on 15th October are as follows :-

Senior 1
Ian Roper, Simon Taylor, Tom Waring, Keith Ritchie, David Weston, Dave Hinchliffe
Senior 2
Bryan Ward, Dave Thacker, Alan Christie, Pete Dale, Geoff Flint, Ben Stubbins
Geoff Smith, Vernon Lathwell, Clive Weston
Julie Havill, Juddie Hanson, Chris Thacker

Start times : – 10. 45, 11.00, 11.15, 11.30

****Please note that the Date as changed and is now ***October 15th ***and not ***October 1st ***as published on Cpsa Calendar.*****



Congratulations to Dave Hinchliffe on winning the Down the Line Super Veterans trophy at the British Open held at the National Shooting Centre in Scotland.Dave was also Runner up in the European Championship and part of the Winning England Super Veterans Team at the British Open and European Championships.  Well done Dave.


Well done to the Seniors Down the Line Team who finished 3rd on 1451/1500 at the West Midlands Inter Counties at Fauxdegla. Team scores – Keith Ritchie 99/295, Dave Hinchliffe 98/292, Simon Taylor 99/290, Ian Roper 97/288, Tom Waring 98/286, Alan Christie 97/278.
Derbyshire Team High Gun was Keith Ritchie on 99/295. The Ladies Team of Julie Havill 93/269 and Juddie Hanson 93/270 finished in Silver medal position in the Ladies with a team score of 136/539.


Keith Ritchie


Julie Havill (L) Juddie Hanson (R)


The Down the Line teams for the West Midlands Inter-Counties at Fauxdegla on 30th July are as follows

Squad times 12.40pm

Senior 1  David Weston, Keith Ritchie, Tom Waring, Alan Christie, Ian Roper

Senior 2  Simon Taylor, Gary Webster, Clive Weston, Geoff Flint, Pete Dale

Veterans  Dave Hinchliffe, Veron Lathwell, Geoff Smith

Ladies  Julie Havill, Juddie Hanson


DTL CC 2017

DTL County Champions

The Down the Line County Championship was held at Nottingham & District Gun Club on 25th June.  County Champion after a shoot off on 100/299 was James Wood with David Weston runner up, followed by Keith Ritchie on 100/295, Ian Roper on 98/292, Tom Waring on 97/287 and Simon Taylor on 96/284.  Veterans Champion was Dave Hinchliffe on 98/291 followed by Geoff Smith on 99/289 and Clive Weston on 98/287.  Ladies Champion was Juddie Hanson on 86/250.  Well done to you all. 


Congratulations to David Weston on making the Seniors England Down The Line Team for the Home International in Scotland, and to Dave Hinchliffe on making the Super Veterans England Down The Line Team for the Home International and the Euro Championships. Well done to you both.




David receiving the Norman Patrick Trophy from Carl Smith CPSA National Director

Congratulations to David Weston who won the Norman Patrick Memorial shoot held at Nottingham Gun Club on Monday 17th April. David winning the trophy after a shoot off with Marty Smith, both shooters having shot 100/300. Well done David.



Help 4 Hero’s


Vernon Lathwell receives his 100 straight badge from Carl Smith

The Derbyshire v Nottinghamshire friendly Down the Line Challenge took place at Nottingham & District Gun Club on 12th March. Sadly despite some excellent shooting from Derbyshire shooters, Notts won 2946/3000 to Derby’s 2911/3000. Derby’s top scores were David Weston on 100/300, Dave Hinchliffe 99/295, Ian Roper 99/294 and Vernon Lathwell with his first ton, 100/294. Other top 10 scores were Simon Taylor 293, Keith Ritchie 293, Steve Pinch 290, Gary Webster 286, A Christie 284 and Geoff Flint 95/282.
Well done to all Derby and Notts shooters who shot this event.


The first Down the Line team selection was held at Nottingham & District Gun Club on 12th March. Top scorer in the Seniors was David Weston on 100/300, followed by Ian Roper on 99/294, Simon Taylor 98/293, Keith Ritchie 99/293 and Steve Pinch 98/290. Veterans top scorer was Dave Hinchliffe on 99/295, followed by Vernon Lathwell on 100/294 and Gary Webster on 98/286.



Dave Hinchliffe DTL County Champion

The Single Barrel County Championship was held on Sunday 5th March at Nottingham & District Gun Club. In cold, very wet weather Dave Hinchliffe conquered the conditions to win the title shooting 95/100, with Bryan Ward runner up on 94/100 followed by Geoff Flint on 92/100. Veterans Champion was Geoff Smith on 88/100 followed by Gary Webster on 80/100. Ladies Champion was Chris Thacker on 88/100. Well done to all winners.